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there, barb. >> she knew our name. immediately when we would walk in she would light up with a smile. many times she would actually come around the counter to greet us. >> but not on this summer evening. it was just after 6:00. tom and lenora had picked out a comic, but there was no one behind the counter to take their money. not barb or her husband michael, the co-owner. >> it wasn't uncommon that someone wouldn't be at the cash register, but this was a longer than normal time so we thought we would stick around just to make sure because we liked her. >> some teenage customers were also in the shop browsing and they, too, were itchy to pay and go. they were the first ones to peek into the back room and see barb sprawl. >> cried out, there's somebody back here! and at that time tom and i rushed to the back storage area and found barb on the floor. >> we thought she perhaps had fallen backwards and hit her head. >> i noticed that she was blue around her mouth. her pupils were dilated and big, and, um, i could not find a pulse. >> lenora, a customer happened to be a nurse and took char
iron, splayed blood and torn guts across the narrow book-lined street as debate turned to barb's screeches, philosophy into choked smoke and a thousand years of history was buried in the rubble. or was there nothing except an inxoerable deadly silence. and the next reader is rick london. >> i'm going to read a few poems by the palestinian poet mahmud darish. i have the wisdom of one condemned to die. i possess nothing, so nothing can possess me and have written my will in my own blood. oh, inhabitant of my song, trust in water. and i sleep pierced and crowned by my tomorrow. i dream the earth's heart is greater than its mouth, more clear than its mirrors, and i was lost in a white cloud that carried me up high as if i were a hupo and the wind itself my wings. at dawn, the call of the night guard woke me from my dream, from my language. you will live another death, so revise your last will. the hour of execution is postponed again. i asked, until when? he said, wait till you have died some more. i said, i possess nothing, so nothing can possess me, and have written my will in my
, r and d credit that many of our viewers may be using stay through 2013. so barb, how do you feel right now? i know one of the deals for you was taxes would go up for people making under 400,000. what are you worried about if anything? >> first is the tax extenders making sure that at some point they become permanent. we were in a situation where we were very lucky there was some bipartisan, and we moved from being a $200,000 to a $400,000 cap. that helps many small business owners. some will be affected by it, and one of the things that is important is having those tax extenders become permanent to plan for the future. >> are you worried about a surprising tax break that you're getting disappearing? >> i think the r and d aspect also with section 179. there are certain things that yes, we look at and we make decisions to spend money and put it back into the economy. and if those tax extenders were to go away, we would have to withhold on making purchases that would be put back into the economy. >> and that means you can white up the entire cost of a purchase. >> okay, so barbara,
right now to just what happened in washington. barb, i want to talk with you first and foremost about the payroll tax holiday so there's no uncertainty about that. your employees are going to be paying more out of their payroll. for their payroll tax is this something you've discussed with your employes? >> we haven't discussed with them yet. i think we were waiting first to see what was going to happen. our plan is to discuss with them right before they receive their first paychecks that there is going to be a change, that there is a 2% additional tax that is coming out of their pay and we're going to, you know, try to work with them if there's going to be any type of problems. >> yeah. this is a question that i just had myself is do you talk about this, barbara, or do you just assume that everybody knows because chances are people are going to get their first paycheck and think why am i getting less money? >> i think if they haven't been paying attention to what's happening in the news they may be surprised, but they may well be aware of that change. what they have to know is they d
on richard's barb bar pole and the stitches on button holes on over alls of those coming to down on saturday. solid red at the blue moon and red like the eyes of the late staying patrons on sunday mornings. and in church the red of the edge of white pages in a black bound bible coming together, closing. red as a congregation rises. [applause]. >> this references a lynching. the lynching of 2 couples in monroe, georgia occurred july 25, 1946. it's now referred to has the morris ford lynching. insurance man, 1946. silos you might not be here april. ain't none of us never promise said tomorrow. if you died you would need a will. that way you control your nickel when you are gone. get your ducks in a row you might not be here come april. yeah, your policy is up-to-date and we will pay say if you lose an arm at the elbow at the mill. if you died you need a will. double pay for accidental deaths we have you down. your wife will not need to borrowo. you might not be here come april. being alive is enough to get you killed. do you hear about the folks in monroe? if they hang you from a tree you nee
in owings millsbirthday -3 boo jje flacco, who's 28 today, the target of uch the assuree thaa problem here...of ccurse hey want to win for ray lewii, and they also want toease the -3 meemry of lastt ear's ppinful defeat in he same game, aa the same stadium against the -3same team.. 3 two more coaahing vacancies pilled in the nfl...and tte rrvens prepare for the patriots..that's cooing up in -3 sports, later in thh hour.. 33 fox45 news ...will have - conttiuing coverage... of the... a-f-c chhmpionship game..- ww'll have live repprts from foxboro sttrting friday right here on on fox45 morning newss. fox45 news at 3 and we're following ray'sslast 3 superdome in newworleans.see -3 our stories on the ravens playoffs.... hear raw interviews ffom the playerr... and finn othhr web links bb going to our website... foxbaltimore dot com. cllck on the ""ayys laat ride" banner on ur hooepage. 3 how are the roads looking toniiht? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. report. 3 map 3 mapmdot- 695 baat natl pike 3 mdot- 995 t 395mdot- 83 at
>>0 feet barbed wie top. it's electrocud electified and a sign on the thl kill you. >> jon: nd the signwill be. [ laughter ] ah! that why the events of this week cme as u>> a major eakthrough onimmigrg tors from bothical paies to agree o a path to nge republicans,erhaps y lood into your hearts and adpele to doing o least gloro work little dignity >> look at the last election we'r losingthe rn.hat's the reason you are supse y've come lon way. you've comethe arch of history t it bendsowards shamelessness. whever everythg innse happs in the latinoitycommun this -- emotion rub high. we're joined al inis panic roo. >>actuly n it's one hispan not his panic. [ laughter >> jon: senateeicans reptingive from the demographic reality in this country cooperngn aartisa con rr electoral purposes. your moment for hispanics, john. to see -- jon. to see republicans in a last ditch desperate attempt to ensure the existence of their political party finally reach across the aisle with one hand while uses the other to hold last,noses it's a great day. thank god almighty forced at last. what a day.
, minefields, barbed wire. these men had to fight through that. the main character of my book was shot through the spine with a machine gun bullet as he climbed to the top of the cliff. got to the top, took out the machine gun bunker and made go forward. everyone of these rangers had an objective. there were six guns at pointe du hoc. the longest day accurately depicts the guns weren't there. the reality is they were towed 800 yards in land in an apple orchard. the main guns were not in the cattle positions that were fortified. there were telephone polls but they were towed in land. he fought his way through with a smaller group and the symbol men, the largest group of men on top of pointe du hoc and found some tire tracks and moved inland. these men had trained for six months prior to d-day, some of the greatest, most trained men of the invasion. they trained for six months scaling clefs without safety harnesses. cliffs that were 300 feet high with full equipment and gas masks, grenades, the whole nine yards, they scaled those cliffs and did that six months. officers and more combat simulatio
already addressed. >> thank you. i have two more names. rose ann anderson, and barb beberwik. the time is two minutes each. >> mine is an individual problem and not general. i am rose ann anderson, my grandson came here from maryland and was in advanced classes in maryland. his assignment in san francisco was visation valley or martin luther king. he's maintained a 3.7 gpa and is not challenged. he has almost no homework and no projects. the gate program seems to be unorganized and communication with the teachers has resulted in little change. in order to reach martin luther king, kesean must take two buses results in a one-hour commute each way. we live five blocks from (inaudible) middle school. he was registered this december with abstos, we were understood that these schools were banned. his father was told that he would have no information about waiting list until march 2013, really, the list does not all right exist? what are the options for a solid student in this system? how can we get a good education for kesean? how can we plan alternative for what is not providing him with a
. >> reporter: barbed wire fences, watchmen towers and a group of men with convictions. hardened criminals. this is no white-collar country club. >> i'm arrested for armed kidnapping. >> attempted murder. >> reporter: but listen a little closer. >> i love knitting. >> reporter: and you realize there's more here than meets the eye. >> i'm knitting a small hat for a kid. >> reporter: that softer side appears every thursday around dusk. with two unusual visitors to the pre-release unit in jessup, maryland. meet lynn and sheila. you wanted to give knitting needles to hardened criminals. is that a good idea? >> for a man to have picked up needles to walk through that door, to say come on, let me teach you thousahow to knit, to respond to knitting, they've shown themselves as open people. >> reporter: would male inmates have interest in a hobby traditionally for women? >> wrap it around. >> reporter: lynn and sheila still remember the department of corrections' initial response. >> they don't want to knit. what makes you think men want to knit? i said they want to knit. they just don't know they
. it wasn't just the computer's owner that ended up the ultimate victim. >> reporter: refer barbing through the window -- after butterbeaning through the window, it wasn't the artwork. >> raced in, grabbed the computer, raced back out. >> reporter: a computer that stored important information gathered over years. the owner hoped to get back the data remotely by launching a program that allows her access to the computer wherever it was. but the computer had to be online. >> so i checked it every couple of hours for days. >> reporter: midnight, two days after it was stolen, she found it. >> i could tell it was my computer. >> you knew exactly that this was your computer from work? >> uh-huh. >> because of these programs? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: she felt exhilarated and scared. >> it was a window into this world they was afraid to be in. >> reporter: she turned on the camera. >> i knew if someone was sitting there, i'd be able to see them. >> she could see this? what you were seeing ? >> reporter: the user panicked. she captured several photo s. the family is disguised because it turns out t
. for the one tortured in the darkness. for the refugees wrapped in barbed wire. for each and every human being who sleeps tonight out in the rain. for shelter, for every human being who sleeps tonight out in the rain. for the child with nostalgia to be born, for every child to get home safe. for the elderly alone, for the worldwide end of hate, disease, and poverty. for a just world still to come, where no one goes hungry and the water is clean. and prisons are outlawed and schools are free. and exciting. and poetry, mandatory. for police and politicians. for the indians of the amazon and for the jaquar faced for extinction and for the battle to stop and for every last gun to be forged into a pen, and for the most hopeless, hopeless in the world, those without even dreams to get by. here there is 100, 10,000 origamis waiting for you, floating in the rainbow of hope >> thank you. >> san francisco poet, that was moving. >> okay we mentioned something called the sisters of perpetual indulgence, if you don't know who they are, any san francisco event who does not have a sister back stage or on sta
bullying sf barb and hash tag and generated 3 million personal impressions and 1.3 million followers within the last 24 hours. [applause] isn't that incredible? we talked about some of the dangers in social media today and i guess that's part of the beauty of social media and the video is part of that as well, so on behalf of all the childrens and families and parents and communities in the district i want to thank everybody for coming for all the work that you do. i feel optimistic in all of work that you do. thank you and go forth and do great work. >> hi. i am cory with san francisco and we're doing stay safe and we're going to talk about what shelter in place or safe enough to stay in your home means. we're here at the urban center on mission street in san francisco and joined by carla, the deputy director of spur and one of the persons who pushed this shelter in place and safe enough to stay concept and we want to talk about what it means and why it's important to san francisco. >> as you know the bay area as 63% chance of having a major earthquake and it's serious and going to im
race dares participants to tackle an eight-mile run followed by 2 1/2 miles of fire pits, barbed wire and icy rivers. a 29-year-old german doctor took first place for the third consecutive year. >> look at that. >> doesn't look good. but said this is the hardest race yet. i don't know if -- >> that's struggle in the muddy water. >>> time now for an early look at some stories on our radar in the day ahead. in washington, the senate foreign relations committee votes on john kerry to be secretary of state. that happens today. a full senate vote could reach the floor this afternoon. meanwhile, outgoing secretary hillary clinton will hold a town hall style forum at state department, taking questions in person and online. >>> daredevil nik wallenda is getting ready to perform his latest trick. yesterday he scoped out locations for a high-wire walk. 180 feet above his hometown of sarasota, florida. wallenda famously walked across niagara falls last june. >>> and happy birthday to tv talk queen oprah winfrey. she turns 59 today. looking good. >>> all day long you can stay on top of the very l
is hosting a big super bowl barb for his family on sunday. he even has the menu planned. >> i'm going to -- they're going to come over, my family is going to come, and we're going to watch the super bowl and eat chicken. legs. >> love those chicken legs! he'd like to be a play by play announcer one day, and he's already calling the score: '9ers 34, ravens zip. >>> coming you were, why watching the super bowl is better than sex if you're trying to lose weight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, how to lose weight. some pe say - you should spice up your love life. >>> there are a lot of myths about how to lose weight. and some people say you should spice up your love life. >> doctor kim explains why you might want to watch the super bowl instead! >> reporter: cindy struggles with her weight. >> in terms of pounds, how much weight would you like to lose? >> probably 25-30. >> reporter: new research shows many of the diet and exercise programs the 55-year-old has tried throughout her adult life don't work >> you're advised not to lose a lot of weight too fast. that it's going to be bad for you. in fact tha
francisco jazz center. a hypnotist, skinning through diet and rounding it up with nurse barb. show time. have a few pounds you can't shake? need a little shot of self- esteem? you may want to try hypnosis. a license -- >> what is a hypnosis? >>
will build a double walled fence. >> 20 feet high. gonna have barbed wire on the top. it's going to be electrocuted -- electified and a sign on the other side that says it will kill you. >> jon: and the sign will be in english. [ laughter ] ah! that's why the events of this week came as such a surprise. >> a major breakthrough on immigration reform leading senators from both political parties to agree on a path to citizenship. >> jon: why the sudden change republicans, perhaps you looked into your hearts and realized people willing to risk worth and doing our least glamorous work are worth at least a little dignity. >> look at the last election we're losing the spin yak vote. >> jon: okay. that's a reason. not sure that's the reason you are supposed to say out loud but you've come a long way. you've come away. the arch of history is long but it bends towards shamelessness. whenever everything intense happens in the latino community things -- emotions rub high. we're joined by al madrigal. he is here in his panic room. >> actually jon it's one word: hispanic not his panic. [ laugh
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 153 (some duplicates have been removed)